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  • Stachecast 22
    After a lengthy hiatus, including a move and two failed podcast attempts, Lord and Lady Shuttlecock return for Stachecast 22. They are joined by The Parking Lot Bandito and Mangino Stache. They introduce a new Club Theme Song and discuss the years best films and television programs. Music by Minds Under Cover, The Spinto Band, Neko Case and Saint Motel […]
  • Stachecast 21
    Lord and Lady Shuttlecock welcome The High Strung for an interview and performance of some tunes from "Ode to the Inverse of the Dude." In this podcast we discuss chickens, SXSW, being stabbed and, having a pit bull bite our balls off. Live tracks include: Rope, In the Middle, and Decomposer. Plus the album version of The Lifestyle that Got Away […]

Hall Of Fame

Mustache Picture Mustache Name A.K.A. Mustache Occupation
Rollie Freakin’ Fingers Inspector MF Relief Pitcher
Consummate Gentleman
Hairy Reams Porn Star
Fu Chick Chu Chimney Sweep
Professor Peacock Fast Eddie Money The rapist
Senorita Sergeant Sexy `Stache Euro Trash Stache Falconer
The Commodore Professor Moriawesome Steamboat Captain
Dick `Stachtardly Errol Flynn Actor
Nastasha Fatale Spy
Maxine Waitress at Diner/Truck stop
Parking Lot Bandito Parking Lot Bandito
Lil’ Stache Adult
Anastachia Beaverhausen Socialite
Ms. Mustachia Swashbuckler
Lacey Long Locks Pond Drainer
Ivan Von Thunderclapp Lounge Singer
Wiskaleta Lipfur Ivan Von Thunderclap’s Accomplice / Femme Fatale

Max Mustrash Kortez Trucker
Photo Primary Oval Hoof Musician